A Little About Jason Calacanis

I like to keep up with Internet news from time to time. I work in that field, so it’s important to keep tabs on certain individuals who have shaped various online venues over the years. One that I saw some people mention was “John Calcanis,” whose actual name is Jason Calacanis.

The amount of things online that this guy has done is really incredible. I read about how he had co-founded the publishing company Weblogs, Inc and then sold it to AOL later on. He actually worked for AOL and even worked as Netscape’s General Manager.

He no longer does any of that, but he is a frequent blogger and a big-time angel investor. Calacanis has his own website/weblog where he writes/blogs about how he succeeded in his field and how others can learn from what he did. He is also a keynote speaker who shares this information at various conferences.

His Open Angel Forum has also helped numerous early startup projects (Like http://leaveassurance.com). It came from the idea to not be like other angel investment forums that used the “pay-to-pitch” method. Calacanis felt that it was unnecessary for startups to have to do that, so he developed a way for these investors to get more involved with these early startups directly.

I think these are quite the accomplishments. It seems like Calacanis is incredibly business savvy when it comes to the online world. He seems to be an online entrepreneur who doesn’t mind sharing his success with others.

What I Learned About John Calcanis

I am one of those people who prides themselves on learning something new every day. While I sometimes have to find something to study and learn (just like how I did with http://lifeshieldhq.com), other days the information falls into my lap. Earlier I heard someone mention John Calcanis and I decided that he would be my research project for the day. I set out to learn everything I could about this man. The sad thing is the fact that it is now a couple of hours later and I am no closer to knowing who he is now than I was when I got started.

When I first Googled his name, the search engine decided that Jason Calacanis is the person I was interested in. Unfortunately, they are not always correct when suggesting a search query is in need of fixing. I saw so much on this Jason person, but he was not the target, so I let Google know I wanted to stick with what I originally typed into the search box. Once I did that, I pretty much came up with nothing. That is funny to hear a name on the television, yet you cannot find a shred of information on this person.

The Truth About John Calcanis

I always find it interesting to learn about successful people that are not getting as much publicity as some. These people tend to be a lot more interesting in my opinion, and they usually have very successful lives and stories to share details about. One that I just learned about recently is John Calacanis, at least that’s who I thought he was. He has done so many things, so I feel he’s worth talking about.

Believe it or not, his actual name is Jason Calacanis. He’s a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades. The man writes, creates podcasts, is an angel investor, and is an entrepreneur. He rose to fame in the dot-com game in New York with his publishing company known as Weblogs Inc.

He provides a lot of content on his current sites, and they are all about achieving success how he did. He claims that items like his news site will help viewers (just like how vitalsparkinsurance.com helped their viewers too) learn how to save time. After they’ve read, he thinks that they will leave with more than what they arrived with.

I think people like that are very fascinating, He was in a booming business at one time in New York, and now he’s a huge mogul. I hadn’t heard anything about him before. Regardless, he provides a lot of expert content and events all over to educate others on how to succeed like him.

Business Success by Staying Online

Online marketing is undoubtedly of vital importance to any business plan. Whether you own a startup or an established company, you will need to create online presence in order to enhance authority and profitability. Internet marketing is more crucial than ever as everyday life is more or less involves the use of the Internet. Traditional media is fast fading as internet marketing strategies are becoming more and more popular and effective in terms of reaching out the audience. Here are some internet marketing statistics that are extremely hard to ignore:

Start up idea diagram, business concept

  • The average person spends up to 13.9 hours of their week using their mobile devices. Whether it’s a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone, people nowadays use mobile devices not only for traditional communication such as texting and calling, but more so for checking out the Internet for information and furnishing business transactions.
  • Even the most traditional of electronics are now outfitted with devices that enable consumers to connect to the Internet. The sale of TV sets with interconnectivity increased up to 27% in the past few years as most consumers nowadays automatically resort to the Internet when purchasing products, or at least checking out items which they plan to buy offline.
  • It is projected that by 2016, 50% of cash spend on products and services will be influenced by Internet marketing. It is quite obvious that commerce is shifting more online through the years. When you buy Internet marketing strategies, you are decided on bringing your profits up without having to invest a large portion of your capital on such efforts.
  • Almost 64% of smartphone owners use their devices to shop for products and services via the Internet.
  • Almost 20% of Facebook users rely on customer reviews or comments they read from Facebook pages of businesses. The topics, reviews, and conversations that surround your products and services will most assuredly drive your business towards great success.
  • In the United States alone, almost 88% of adults own devices with Internet connectivity features; 57% have cellphones/smartphones, 57% are laptop owners, 19% have e-readers, and up to19% have tablets. With these facts in mind, if you are to buy Internet marketing services, make sure to optimize your efforts by ensuring that your digital marketing strategies all fit for all screens and devices.

l_buyonline-445-1These overwhelming facts will give you an idea on how big of a deal Internet marketing is these days. If you are still using traditional marketing techniques, it will not take a long while for competitors to outdo your efforts altogether.

There are many types of Internet marketing strategies that you can use. There are those which make use of techniques that improve search engine rankings within a short span of time, whilst there are those that simply identify the weakness of search engines which both enable businesses to increase their rankings effectively without incurring penalties from search engines like Google and Bing! among many others. A combination of off-page and on-page optimization is vital in improving website presence. Entrepreneurs are recommended to exploit social media marketing to further boost their presence via the Internet. It is thus important that different internet marketing strategies are to be used to create an online presence that is not only optimized but well accepted by the audience as well.